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    September 21    Scripture

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    Zibia in Easton's Bible Dictionary gazelle, a Benjamite (1 Chr. 8:9).

    Zibia in Fausset's Bible Dictionary A Benjamite, son of Shaharaim by Hodesh

    Zibia in Naves Topical Bible -A Benjamite 1Ch 8:9

    Zibia in Smiths Bible Dictionary (roe), a Benjamite, apparently the son of Shaharaim by his wife Hodesh. 1Ch 8:9 (B.C. 1440.)

    Zibia in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE zib'-i-a (tsibhya', perhaps "gazelle"): A Benjamite (1 Ch 8:9).

    Zibia in Wikipedia Zibia, gazelle[62]

    Zibia Scripture - 1 Chronicles 8:9 And he begat of Hodesh his wife, Jobab, and Zibia, and Mesha, and Malcham,

    Zibiah in Hitchcock's Bible Names the Lord dwells; deer; goat