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    Zethan in Easton's Bible Dictionary a Benjamite (1 Chr. 7:10).

    Zethan in Fausset's Bible Dictionary A Benjamite, of the sons of Bilhan

    Zethan in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Bilhan 1Ch 7:10

    Zethan in Smiths Bible Dictionary (olive), a Benjamite of the sons of Bilhan. 1Ch 7:10 (B.C. probably 1014.)

    Zethan in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ze'-than (zethan, perhaps "olive tree"): A Benjamite (1 Ch 7:10), but Curtis holds that he is a Zebulunite (Chron., 145 ff).

    Zethan in Wikipedia Zethan, olive grove[62]

    Zethan Scripture - 1 Chronicles 7:10 The sons also of Jediael; Bilhan: and the sons of Bilhan; Jeush, and Benjamin, and Ehud, and Chenaanah, and Zethan, and Tharshish, and Ahishahar.