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    Zetham in Easton's Bible Dictionary olive planter, a Levite (1 Chr. 23:8).

    Zetham in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Laadan, a Gershonite Levite (1 Chronicles 23:8); in 1 Chronicles 26:21-22 the son of Jehieli, and so Laadan's grandson.

    Zetham in Naves Topical Bible -A son of Laadan 1Ch 23:8; 26:22

    Zetham in Smiths Bible Dictionary (olive), the son of Laadan, a Gershonite Levite. 1Ch 23:8 (B.C. 1043.)

    Zetham in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ze'-tham (zetham, meaning unknown): A Gershonite Levite (1 Ch 23:8; 26:22). In the second passage Curtis holds that "the sons of Jehieli" is a gloss; he points the Massoretic Text to read "brethren" instead of "brother," and so has "Jehiel (1 Ch 26:22) and his brethren, Zetham and Joel, were over the treasures."

    Zetham in Wikipedia Zetham, olive grove[62]

    Zetham Scripture - 1 Chronicles 23:8 The sons of Laadan; the chief [was] Jehiel, and Zetham, and Joel, three.

    Zetham Scripture - 1 Chronicles 26:22 The sons of Jehieli; Zetham, and Joel his brother, [which were] over the treasures of the house of the LORD.