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    Zebedee in Easton's Bible Dictionary a Galilean fisherman, the husband of Salome (q.v.), and the father of James and John, two of our Lord's disciples (Matt. 4:21; 27:56; Mark 15:40). He seems to have been a man of some position in Capernaum, for he had two boats (Luke 5:4) and "hired servants" (Mark 1:20) of his own. No mention is made of him after the call of his two sons by Jesus.

    Zebedee in Fausset's Bible Dictionary A fisherman of Galilee; father of James and John. In easy circumstances, for he owned a boat and hired servants (Matthew 4:21; Mark 1:20). Salome his wife ministered to Jesus (Matthew 27:55-56; Mark 15:40-41). His disinterestedness and favorable disposition towards Christ appear in his allowing without objection his sons to leave him at Christ's call; Zebedee ("gift of Jehovah") is equivalent in meaning to John (gift or favor of Jehovah); the father naturally giving his son a name similar in meaning to his own. John's acquaintance with Annas the high priest implies the good social position of the family. In Matthew 4:21, at the call of James and John, Zebedee was alive; at Matthew 20:20 the peculiar phrase "the mother of Zebedee's children" implies Zebedee was no longer alive, for otherwise she would be called the wife of Zebedee or the mother of James and John. In Matthew 8:21 the disciple's request, "Lord, suffer me first to go (home) and (wait until the death of, and) bury my father," may possibly refer to Zebedee; for the name "disciple" was given to but few, and a boat contained all the disciples Matthew 9:37; Matthew 8:23). If so, it will be an undesigned coincidence marking genuineness (Blunt, Undesigned Coincidences, Part 4).

    Zebedee in Hitchcock's Bible Names abundant; portion

    Zebedee in Naves Topical Bible -Father of James and John (nicknamed "Boanerges") Mt 4:21; 20:20; 27:56; Mr 1:20

    Zebedee in Smiths Bible Dictionary (my gift) (Greek form of Zabdi) a fisherman of Galilee, the father of the apostles James the Great and John Mt 4:21 and the husband of Salome. Mt 27:56; Mr 15:40 He probably lived either at Bethsaida or in its immediate neighborhood. It has been inferred from the mention of his "hired servants," Mr 1:20 and from the acquaintance between the apostle John and Annas the high priest, Joh 18:15 that the family of Zebedee were in easy circumstances. comp. Joh 19:27 although not above manual labor. Mt 4:21 He appears only twice in the Gospel narrative, namely, in Mt 4:21,22; Mr 1:19,20 where he is seen in his boat with his two sons mending their nets.

    Zebedee in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE zeb'-e-de (zibhdi, "the gift of God"; Zebedaios): The father of the apostles James and John (Mk 1:19) and a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee (Mk 1:20), the husband of Salome (Mt 27:56; compare Mk 16:1). See JAMES; SALOME.

    Zebedee in Wikipedia Zebedee (zibhdi, "the gift of God"; cf. Zebadiah) is a name which may refer to: In the Gospel of Matthew (4:21, 27:56), Zebedee was a Jewish fisherman, the husband of Salome, and the father of James and John, two of the Apostles of Jesus.

    Zebedee Scripture - Luke 5:10 And so [was] also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.

    Zebedee Scripture - Mark 3:17 And James the [son] of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder:

    Zebedee Scripture - Matthew 10:2 Now the names of the twelve apostles are these; The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; James [the son] of Zebedee, and John his brother;