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Bible Names N-Z: Zabad

Zabad in Easton's Bible Dictionary gift. (1.) One of David's valiant men (1 Chr. 11:41), the descendant of Ahlai, of the "children of Sheshan" (2:31). (2.) A descendant of Tahath (7:21). (3.) The son of Shemath. He conspired against Joash, king of Judah, and slew him (2 Chr. 24:25, 26). He is called also Jozachar (2 Kings 12:21). (4.) Ezra 10:27. (5.) Ezra 10:33. (6.) Ezra 10:43.

Zabad in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Contracted from Zebadijah, "Jehovah hath given him." 1. Son of Nathan, great grandson of Ahlai, Sheshun's daughter (1 Chronicles 2:31-37). See Smith's Dict. in proof that this genealogy ends in the time of Hezekiah. "Son" means great grandson "of Ahlai" (1 Chronicles 11:41). One of David's mighty men. Sheshan married an Egyptian husband, Jarha; of her as being the Israelite parent Zabad is called "the son," i.e. descendant, just as Joab, Abishai, and Asahel, are called from the mother's side sons of Zeruiah, who married a foreigner. 2. An Ephraimite (1 Chronicles 7:21). 3. A domestic palace servant of king Joash, one of the slayers of Joash; son of Shimeath an Ammonitess (2 Chronicles 24:26). Jozachar in 2 Kings 12:20-21; Zachar is the abbreviation, and Zabad is a transcriber's error for Zachar! One of a powerful conspiracy stirred up by Joash's unpopularity owing to his idolatries, oppression, and foreign disasters (2 Chronicles 24). Amaziah executed him, but not his children (2 Chronicles 25:3-4; Deuteronomy 24:16). 4. Son of Zattu; put away his foreign wife (Ezra 10:27). 5. Descendant of Hashum; did the same (Ezra 10:33). 6. Son of Nebo; did the same (Ezra 10:43).

Zabad in Hitchcock's Bible Names dowry; endowed

Zabad in Naves Topical Bible -1. Son of Nathan 1Ch 2:36,37 -2. An Ephraimite 1Ch 7:21 -3. One of David's valiant men 1Ch 11:41 -4. An assassin of King Joash 2Ch 24:26; 25:3,4 Called JOZACHAR in 2Ki 12:21 -5. Three Israelites who divorced their Gentile wives Ezr 10:27,33,43

Zabad in Smiths Bible Dictionary (gift). 1. Son of Nathan son of Attai, son of Ahlai Sheshan's daughter, 1Ch 2:31-37 and hence called son of Ahlai. 1Ch 11:41 (B.C. 1046.) He was one of David's mighty men but none of his deeds have been recorded. The chief interest connected with him is in his genealogy, which is of considerable importance in a chronological point of view. 2. An Ephraimite, if the text of 1Ch 7:21 Isa correct. 3. Son of Shimeath, an Ammonitess; an assassin who, with Jehozabad, slew King Joash, according to 2Ch 24:26 (B.C. 840); but in 2Ki 12:21 his name is written, probably more correctly, JOZACHAR. 4. A layman of Israel, of the sons of Zattu, who put away his foreign wife at Ezra's command. Ezr 10:27 (B.C. 458.) 5. One of the descendants of Hashum who had married a foreign wife after the captivity. Ezr 10:33 (B.C. 458.) 6. One of the sons of Nebo whose name is mentioned under the same circumstances as the two preceding. Ezr 10:43

Zabad in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE za'-bad (zabhadh, perhaps a contraction for (1) zebhadhyah, "Yahweh has given," i.e. Zebadiah; or (2) zabhdi'el, "El (God) is my gift" (HPN, 222 f); Zabed(t), with many variants): (1) A Jerahmeelite (1 Ch 2:36,37), son of Nathan (see NATHAN, IV). (2) An Ephraimite, son of Tahath (1 Ch 7:21). (3) Son of Ahlai (1 Ch 11:41) and one of David's mighty men (the name is wanting in 2 Sam 23:24-29). (4) Son of Shimeath the Ammonitess (2 Ch 26); he was one of the murderers of King Joash of Judah; called "Jozacar" in 2 Ki 12:21 (Hebrew verse 22). Perhaps the name in Chronicles should be Zacar (zakhar), (5) Name of three men who had married foreign wives: (a) son of Zattu (Ezr 10:27)= "Sabathus" of 1 Esdras 9:28; (b) son of Hashum (Ezr 10:33) = "Sabanneus" of 1 Esdras 9:33; (c) son of Nebo (Ezr 10:43) = "Zabadeas" of 1 Esdras 9:35. David Francis Roberts

Zabad in Wikipedia Zabad is the name of seven men in the Hebrew Bible. Zabad means gift or endowment.[citation needed] In 1 Chronicles 2:36-37, Zabad is a member of the Tribe of Judah, the family of Hezron and the house of Jahahmeel. He was the son of Nathan and the father of Ephlal. In 1 Chronicles 7:21, Zabad is an Ephraimite of the family of Shuthelah. He was the son of Tanath and the father of Suthelah. In 1 Chronicles 11:41, Zabad is one of King David's mighty men. He is the son of Ahlai. In 2 Chronicles 24:26, Zabad is one of two servants of King Joash who kill him in his bed. He is the son of Shimeath, an Amonite woman. In 2 Kings 12:21 this same man seems to be called Jozachar (Hebrew: יוֹזָכָר‎; Latin: Josachar). His fellow conspirator is Jehozabad (Hebrew: יהוֹזָבָד‎; Latin: Jozabad), the son of Shomer (Hebrew: שֹׁמֵר‎; Latin: Somer). In Ezra 10:27,33,34, three men named Zabad are listed as having taken foreign wives, whom Ezra persuades them to send away.

Zabad Scripture - 1 Chronicles 2:36 And Attai begat Nathan, and Nathan begat Zabad,

Zabad Scripture - 1 Chronicles 2:37 And Zabad begat Ephlal, and Ephlal begat Obed,

Zabad Scripture - 1 Chronicles 7:21 And Zabad his son, and Shuthelah his son, and Ezer, and Elead, whom the men of Gath [that were] born in [that] land slew, because they came down to take away their cattle.

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