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    Tertius in Easton's Bible Dictionary the third, a Roman Christian whom Paul employed as his amanuensis in writing his epistle to the Romans (16:22).

    Tertius in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Paul's amanuensis in writing the epistle to the Romans (Romans 16:22) from Corinth. His greeting inserted in the middle of Paul's greetings to the Romans shows that he was well acquainted with the Roman Christians, "I Tertius, who wrote this epistle, salute you in the Lord"; his name too makes it likely he was a Roman.

    Tertius in Hitchcock's Bible Names third

    Tertius in Naves Topical Bible -Paul's amanuensis (copyist) in writing the book of Romans Ro 16:22

    Tertius in Smiths Bible Dictionary (third), probably a Roman, was the amanuensis of Paul in writing the Epistle to the Romans. Ro 16:22 (A.D. 55.)

    Tertius in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE tur'-shi-us (Tertios): The amanuensis of Paul who wrote at his dictation the Epistle to the Romans. In the midst of Paul's greetings to the Christians in Rome he interpolated his own, "I Tertius, who write the epistle, salute you in the Lord" (Rom 16:22). "It is as a Christian, not in virtue of any other relation he has to the Romans, that Tertius salutes them" (Denney). Some identify him with Silas, owing to the fact that shalish is the Hebrew for "third (officer)," as tertius is the Latin Others think he was a Roman Christian residing in Corinth. This is, however, merely conjecture. Paul seems to have dictated his letters to an amanuensis, adding by his own hand merely the concluding sentences as "the token in every epistle" (2 Thess 3:17; Col 4:18; 1 Cor 16:21). How far this may have influenced the style of his letters is discussed in Sanday-Headlam, Romans, Introduction, LX. S. F. Hunter

    Tertius Scripture - Romans 16:22 I Tertius, who wrote [this] epistle, salute you in the Lord.