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    Sibbecai in Easton's Bible Dictionary the Lord sustains, one of David's heroes (1 Chr. 11:29), general of the eighth division of the army (27:11). He slew the giant Saph in the battle of Gob (2 Sam. 21:18; R.V., "Sibbechai"). Called also Mebunnai (23:27).

    Sibbecai in Fausset's Bible Dictionary SIBBECHAI the HUSHATHITE . Of David's guard (2 Samuel 21:18; 1 Chronicles 27:11), eighth captain for the eighth month, of 24,000 (1 Chronicles 11:29). Of the Zarhite family of Judah. Fought singly with Saph or Sippal, the Philistine giant in the battle at Gezer or Gob (1 Chronicles 20:4). MEBUNNAI is a transcriber's mistake for Sibbecai, in 2 Samuel 23:27.

    Sibbecai in Smiths Bible Dictionary = SIBBECHAI the Hushathite.

    Sibbecai in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE sib'-e-ki, sib-e-ka'-i (cibbekhay): One of the valiant men in David's army (2 Sam 21:18; 1 Ch 11:29; 20:4; 27:11).

    Sibbecai Scripture - 1 Chronicles 11:29 Sibbecai the Hushathite, Ilai the Ahohite,

    Sibbecai Scripture - 1 Chronicles 27:11 The eighth [captain] for the eighth month [was] Sibbecai the Hushathite, of the Zarhites: and in his course [were] twenty and four thousand.

    Sibbechai in Hitchcock's Bible Names bough; cottage; of springs

    Sibbechai in Naves Topical Bible -Also called SIBBECAI -A captain in David's army 2Sa 21:18; 1Ch 11:29; 20:4; 27:11