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    Sethur in Easton's Bible Dictionary hidden, one of the spies sent to search the Promised Land. He was of the tribe of Asher (Num. 13:13).

    Sethur in Hitchcock's Bible Names hid; destroying

    Sethur in Naves Topical Bible -The representative of Asher among the twelve spies sent into Canaan Nu 13:13

    Sethur in Smiths Bible Dictionary (hidden), the Asherite spy, son of Michael. Nu 13:13 (B.C. 1490.)

    Sethur in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE se'-thur (cethur; Sathour): An Asherite spy (Nu 13:13 (14)).

    Sethur in Wikipedia Sethur, the son of Michael of the house of Asher, was a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:13.

    Sethur Scripture - Numbers 13:13 Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Michael.