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    Sergius in Hitchcock's Bible Names net

    Sergius Paulus in Easton's Bible Dictionary a "prudent man" (R.V., "man of understanding"), the deputy (R.V., "proconsul") of Cyprus (Acts 13:6-13). He became a convert to Christianity under Paul, who visited this island on his first mission to the heathen. A remarkable memorial of this proconsul was recently (1887) discovered at Rome. On a boundary stone of Claudius his name is found, among others, as having been appointed (A.D. 47) one of the curators of the banks and the channel of the river Tiber. After serving his three years as proconsul at Cyprus, he returned to Rome, where he held the office referred to. As he is not saluted in Paul's letter to the Romans, he probably died before it was written.

    Sergius Paulus in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Proconsul of Cyprus, when Paul and Barnabas visited it on their first missionary circuit (Acts 13:7). (See CYPRUS; PAUL; PROVINCE; DEPUTY; ELYMAS.) He was at first under the influence of Elymas, but being "a prudent man" (i.e. intelligent and searching for the truth), he called for Barnabas and Paul, and having heard the word of God, and having seen the miraculous infliction of blindness on the sorcerer, "believed, being astonished at the (divine power accompanying the) doctrine of the Lord."

    Sergius Paulus in Naves Topical Bible -A Roman deputy and convert of Paul Ac 13:7-12

    Sergius Paulus in Smiths Bible Dictionary was the proconsul of Cyprus when the apostle Paul visited that island with Barnabas on his first missionary tour. Ac 13:7 seq. (A.D. 44.) He is described as an intelligent man, truth- seeking, eager for information from all sources within his reach. Though at first admitting to his society Elymas the magician, he afterward, on becoming acquainted with the claims of the gospel, yielded his mind to the evidence of its truth.

    Sergius Paulus in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE sur'-ji-us po'-lus. See PAULUS, SERGIUS.

    Sergius Paulus Scripture - Acts 13:7 Which was with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man; who called for Barnabas and Saul, and desired to hear the word of God.

    Sergus Paulus in Wikipedia Lucius Sergius Paullus was a Proconsul of Cyprus under Claudius (1st century AD). He appears in Acts (13:6-13), where in Paphos Paul, accompanied by Barnabas and John, overcame the attempts of Bar-Jesus or Elymas and converted Sergius to Christianity. A boundary stone of Claudius mentioning Sergius was discovered at Rome in 1887. It records the appointment (AD 47) of the Curators of the banks and the channel of the river Tiber, one of whom was Sergius. Since Paul's journey to Cyprus is usually dated to the first half of the 40s (and some scholars would date his visit even earlier), it is thought Sergius first served his three years as Proconsul at Cyprus, then returned to Rome, where he was appointed curator. As he is not greeted in Paul's Epistle to the Romans, it is possible he died before it was written. Some mediŠval legends have anachronistically identified him with Paul of Narbonne. He was the first of six successive Senators named Lucius Sergius Paullus, of Antioch, Pisidia, including one Consul Suffect in 94 and another Consul in 168, the last of whom was Lucius Sergius Paullus, Senator, father of Sergia Paulla, who married Quintus Anicius Faustus, Legate of Numidia and Consul in 198, and had Quintus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, Legate of Moesia Inferior between 229 and 230 or c. 230 to 232.[1]