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Bible Names N-Z: Semei

Semei in Easton's Bible Dictionary mentioned in the genealogy of our Lord (Luke 3:26).

Semei in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Luke 3:26.

Semei in Hitchcock's Bible Names hearing; obeying

Semei in Naves Topical Bible -An ancestor of Jesus Lu 3:26

Semei in Smiths Bible Dictionary (the Greek form of Shimei). 1. SHIMEI, 14. 1 Esd. 9:33. 2. SHIMEI, 16. Es 11:2 3. The father of Mattathias in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Lu 3:26

Semei in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE sem'-e-i: (1) (Codex Alexandrinus Semei; Codex Vaticanus Semeei): One of those who put away their "strange wives" (1 Esdras 9:33) = "Shimei" "of the sons of Hashum" in Ezr 10:33. (2) the King James Version = the Revised Version (British and American) "Semeias" (Additions to Esther 11:2). (3) the King James Version form of the Revised Version (British and American) "Semein" (Lk 3:26).

Semei Scripture - Luke 3:26 Which was [the son] of Maath, which was [the son] of Mattathias, which was [the son] of Semei, which was [the son] of Joseph, which was [the son] of Juda,

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