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    Salathiel in Easton's Bible Dictionary whom I asked of God, the son of Jeconiah (Matt. 1:12; 1 Chr. 3:17); also called the son of Neri (Luke 3:27). The probable explanation of the apparent discrepancy is that he was the son of Neri, the descendant of Nathan, and thus heir to the throne of David on the death of Jeconiah (comp. Jer. 22:30).

    Salathiel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Greek Shealtiel, Hebrew "I have asked God" (compare 1 Samuel 1:20; 1 Samuel 1:27-28). Son of Jeconias king of Judah, father of Zerobabel according to Matthew 1:12; but son of Neri, and father of Zerobabel according to Luke 3:27; see also 1 Chronicles 3:17-19. No genealogy would assign to a king's true son and heir an inferior parentage, whereas a private person's son would naturally be ranked in the king's pedigree on his becoming rightful heir of the throne, therefore Luke's genealogy must be that of the natural descent, and Salathiel was "son of Neri," descended from Nathan son of David. On Jeconiah's dying childless, as Jeremiah foretold, and Solomon's line thereby failing, Salathiel was heir to David's throne (See SHEALTIEL.)

    Salathiel in Hitchcock's Bible Names asked or lent of God

    Salathiel in Naves Topical Bible See SHEALTIEL

    Salathiel in Smiths Bible Dictionary (I have asked of God). 1Ch 3:17 The Authorized Version has Salathiel in 1Ch 3:17 but everywhere else in the Old Testament Shealtiel.

    Salathiel in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE sa-la'-thi-el: (1) (Salathiel): the King James Version; Greek form of "Shealtiel" (thus the Revised Version (British and American)). The father of Zerubbabel (1 Esdras 5:5,48,56; 6:2; Mt 1:12; Lk 3:27). (2) Revised Version: Another name of Esdras (2 Esdras 3:1, "Salathiel").

    Salathiel in Wikipedia Shealtiel (Hebrew: שְׁאַלְתִּיאֵל‎, Shəaltēl) or Greek-derived variant Salathiel (Greek: Σαλαθιηλ, Salăthiēl) is a significant but problematic member in the genealogies of the kings of Judah, all of whom belong to the Davidic Dynasty, being the descendants of King David through his son King Solomon. In Hebrew, the name Shealtiel means, Shəalt Ēl, "I asked El (for this child)". The name acknowledges that the son is an answer to the parents' prayer to God (El) to help them conceive and birth a child. Many Hebrew names similarly express the importance of, difficulty of, and thankfulness for a successful pregnancy. In the Deuterocanonical apocalyptic work 2 Esdras, the author claims to be "Ezra, who is also called Shealtiel" (3:1). For this reason, this work is also sometimes known as Ezra Shealtiel. However, the priestly prophet Ezra could not be the same Shealtiel of the royal genealogies, since his own lineage is given in Book of Ezra 7:1, and in 2 Esdras 1:1 (Latin version), which agree in making him the son of Seraiah, and a Levite...

    Salathiel Scripture - 1 Chronicles 3:17 And the sons of Jeconiah; Assir, Salathiel his son,

    Salathiel Scripture - Luke 3:27 Which was [the son] of Joanna, which was [the son] of Rhesa, which was [the son] of Zorobabel, which was [the son] of Salathiel, which was [the son] of Neri,

    Salathiel Scripture - Matthew 1:12 And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel;