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    Rhesa in Easton's Bible Dictionary affection, son of Zorobabel, mentioned in the genealogy of our Lord (Luke 3:27).

    Rhesa in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Zerubbabel in Christ's genealogy (Luke 3:27). Lord A. Hervey conjectures Rhesa to be no person, but the title of Zerubbabel, rosh, i.e. "prince," thereby removing a difficulty in reconciling Matthew's with Luke's genealogy.

    Rhesa in Hitchcock's Bible Names will; course

    Rhesa in Naves Topical Bible -An ancestor of Jesus Lu 3:27

    Rhesa in Smiths Bible Dictionary (head), son of Zorobabel in the genealogy of Christ. Lu 3:27 It is conjectured that Rhesa is no person, but merely a title.

    Rhesa in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE re'-sa (Rhesa): A son of Zerubbabel in the genealogy of Jesus according to Luke (Lk 3:27).

    Rhesa Scripture - Luke 3:27 Which was [the son] of Joanna, which was [the son] of Rhesa, which was [the son] of Zorobabel, which was [the son] of Salathiel, which was [the son] of Neri,