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Bible Names N-Z: Rehum

Rehum in Easton's Bible Dictionary merciful. (1.) One of "the children of the province" who returned from the Captivity (Ezra 2:2); the same as "Nehum" (Neh. 7:7). (2.) The "chancellor" of Artaxerxes, who sought to stir him up against the Jews (Ezra 4:8-24) and prevent the rebuilding of the walls and the temple of Jerusalem. (3.) A Levite (Neh. 3:17). (4.) Neh. 10:25. (5.) A priest (Neh. 12:3).

Rehum in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1. Ezra 2:2; REHUM or NEHUM Nehemiah 7:7. 2. Nehemiah 3:17. 3. Nehemiah 10:25. 4. Nehemiah 12:3. 5. The chancellor, literally, lord of decree (beel teem), i.e. royal prefect; with others wrote to Artaxerxes (Pseudo Smerdis) to induce him to stop the building of the temple and city walls (Ezra 4:8-9; Ezra 4:17; Ezra 4:23).

Rehum in Hitchcock's Bible Names merciful; compassionate

Rehum in Naves Topical Bible -1. A captive who returned to Jerusalem from Babylon Ezr 2:2 Called NEHUM Ne 7:7 -2. A chancellor who wrote a letter to Artaxerxes, influencing him against the Jews Ezr 4:8,9,17,23 -3. A Levite who repaired part of the wall of Jerusalem Ne 3:17 -4. A Jew of the exile who signed the covenant with Nehemiah Ne 10:25 -5. A priest who returned to Jerusalem from the captivity in Babylon Ne 12:3

Rehum in Smiths Bible Dictionary (merciful). 1. One who went up from Babylon with Zerubbabel. Ezr 2:2 (B.C. 536.) 2. "Rehum the chancellor." Ezr 4:8,9,17,23 He was perhaps a kind of lieutenant-governor of the province under the king of Persia. (B.C. 535.) 3. A Levite of the family of Bani, who assisted in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Ne 3:17 (B.C. 445.) 4. One of the chief of the people, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:25 (B.C. 410.) 5. A priestly family, or the head of a priestly house, who went up with Zerubbabel. Ne 12:3 (B.C. 536.)

Rehum in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE re'-hum (rechum, or rechum): (1) One of the twelve heads of the Jewish community returning from captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:2; Neh 7:7 (by a copyist's error "Nehum"); 12:3; 1 Esdras 5:8, "Roimus"). (2) A Persian officer of high rank (literally, "master of judgment, taste, reason") who with others wrote a letter against Jerusalem to King Artaxerxes (Ezr 4:8,9,17,23). (3) Son of Bani, a Levite, one of the wall-builders under Nehemiah (Neh 3:17). (4) One of the signers of the covenant in Neh 10:25. (5) In Neh 12:3 (omitted in the Septuagint) one Rehum is mentioned with those who went up with Zerubbabel. It is probable that we should read here "Harim" (charim for rechum of Neh 12:15). W. N. Stearns

Rehum in Wikipedia Rehum, merciful; compassionate[1]

Rehum Scripture - Ezra 4:17 [Then] sent the king an answer unto Rehum the chancellor, and [to] Shimshai the scribe, and [to] the rest of their companions that dwell in Samaria, and [unto] the rest beyond the river, Peace, and at such a time.

Rehum Scripture - Ezra 4:9 Then [wrote] Rehum the chancellor, and Shimshai the scribe, and the rest of their companions; the Dinaites, the Apharsathchites, the Tarpelites, the Apharsites, the Archevites, the Babylonians, the Susanchites, the Dehavites, [and] the Elamites,

Rehum Scripture - Nehemiah 3:17 After him repaired the Levites, Rehum the son of Bani. Next unto him repaired Hashabiah, the ruler of the half part of Keilah, in his part.

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