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    Raham in Easton's Bible Dictionary merciful, one of the descendants of Caleb, the son of Hezron (1 Chr. 2:44).

    Raham in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1 Chronicles 2:44.

    Raham in Hitchcock's Bible Names compassion; a friend

    Raham in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Shema 1Ch 2:44

    Raham in Smiths Bible Dictionary (belly). In the genealogy of the descendants of Caleb the son of Hezron, 1Ch 2:44 Raham is described as the son of Shema and father of Jorkoam.

    Raham in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ra'-ham (racham, "pity," "love"): Son of Shema, and father of Jorkeam (1 Ch 2:44).

    Raham in Wikipedia Raham, a biblical character, was mentioned in the genealogical lists of 1 Chronicles, in 1 Chronicles 2:44 . He was a descendant of Caleb and Hezron, a son of Shema, and the father of Jorkeam.

    Raham Scripture - 1 Chronicles 2:44 And Shema begat Raham, the father of Jorkoam: and Rekem begat Shammai.