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    Pul in Easton's Bible Dictionary (1.) An Assyrian king. It has been a question whether he was identical with Tiglath-pileser III. (q.v.), or was his predecessor. The weight of evidence is certainly in favour of their identity. Pul was the throne-name he bore in Babylonia as king of Babylon, and Tiglath-pileser the throne-name he bore as king of Assyria. He was the founder of what is called the second Assyrian empire. He consolidated and organized his conquests on a large scale. He subdued Northern Syria and Hamath, and the kings of Syria rendered him homage and paid him tribute. His ambition was to found in Western Asia a kingdom which should embrace the whole civilized world, having Nineveh as its centre. Menahem, king of Israel, gave him the enormous tribute of a thousand talents of silver, "that his hand might be with him" (2 Kings 15:19; 1 Chr. 5:26). The fact that this tribute could be paid showed the wealthy condition of the little kingdom of Israel even in this age of disorder and misgovernment. Having reduced Syria, he turned his arms against Babylon, which he subdued. The Babylonian king was slain, and Babylon and other Chaldean cities were taken, and Pul assumed the title of "King of Sumer [i.e., Shinar] and Accad." He was succeeded by Shalmanezer IV. (2.) A geographical name in Isa. 66:19. Probably = Phut (Gen. 10:6; Jer. 46:9, R.V. "Put;" Ezek. 27:10).

    Pul in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Isaiah 66:19. Philae, an island in the Nile, the border between Egypt and Ethiopia (Bochart). Septuagint read Phud. Phut ought to be read for Pal; compare Nahum 3:9. (See PHUT.) An African people is meant by Isaiah (Ezekiel 27:10; Ezekiel 30:5).

    Pul in Hitchcock's Bible Names bean; destruction

    Pul in Naves Topical Bible -1. King of Assyria Forced taxes from Menahem, king of Israel 2Ki 15:19; 1Ch 5:26 -2. A place or tribe in Africa Isa 66:19

    Pul in Smiths Bible Dictionary (lord), a country or nation mentioned in Isa 66:19 It is spoken of with distant nations, and is supposed by some to represent the island Philae in Egypt, and by others Libya.

    Pul in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE pul: (1) An Assyrian king (2 Ki 15:19). See TIGLATH-PILESER. (2) An African country and people (Isa 66:19). See PUT.