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    Phalec in Easton's Bible Dictionary (Luke 3:35)=Peleg (q.v.), Gen. 11:16.

    Phalec in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("division".) Eber's son, Joktan's brother (Genesis 10:25; Genesis 11:16). "In his days the earth was divided." His name marks an epoch in the world's history: (1) God's intimation of His will that the earth was to be divided in an orderly distribution of the various families of mankind, which order the Hamitic Babel builders tried to contravene (Genesis 11:4), in order to concentrate their power; also the Hamite Canaanites in "spreading abroad" broke the bounds assigned by God, seizing the sacred possession of Shem where Jehovah was to be blessed as "the Lord God of Shem" (Genesis 9:26; Genesis 9:18-20). (2) The division of Eber's family; the younger branch, the Joktanids, migrating into S. Arabia the elder Peleg remaining in Mesopotamia.

    Phalec in Hitchcock's Bible Names same as Peleg

    Phalec in Smiths Bible Dictionary (division). Peleg the son of Eber. Lu 3:35

    Phalec in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE fa'-lek (Phalek, Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek, Phalek): the King James Version; Greek form of "Peleg" (thus the Revised Version (British and American)) (Lk 3:35).

    Phalec Scripture - Luke 3:35 Which was [the son] of Saruch, which was [the son] of Ragau, which was [the son] of Phalec, which was [the son] of Heber, which was [the son] of Sala,