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    Pedahel in Easton's Bible Dictionary redeemed of God, the son of Ammihud, a prince of Naphtali (Num. 34:28).

    Pedahel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary "Of the tribe of the sons of Naphtali a leader, Pedahel the son of Ammihud."

    Pedahel in Naves Topical Bible -Chief of Naphtali Nu 34:28

    Pedahel in Smiths Bible Dictionary (whom God redeems), the son of Ammihud, and prince of the tribe of Naphtali. Nu 34:28

    Pedahel in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ped'-a-hel, pe-da'-el (pedhah'-el, "whom God redeems"): A prince of Naphtali; one of the tribal chiefs who apportioned the land of Canaan (Nu 34:28; compare 34:17).

    Pedahel in Wikipedia Pedahel Prince of the tribe of Naphtali; one of those appointed by Moses to superintend the division of Canaan amongst the tribe (Num. 34:28).

    Pedahel Scripture - Numbers 34:28 And the prince of the tribe of the children of Naphtali, Pedahel the son of Ammihud.