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    Parmashta in Easton's Bible Dictionary strong-fisted, a son of Haman, slain in Shushan (Esther 9:9).

    Parmashta in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Parmashta, Arisai, Aridai and Vaizatha,

    Parmashta in Hitchcock's Bible Names a yearling bull

    Parmashta in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Haman Es 9:9

    Parmashta in Smiths Bible Dictionary (superior), one of the ten sons of Haman slain by the Jews in Shushan. Es 9:9 (B.C. 473.)

    Parmashta in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE par-mash'-ta (parmashta'; Septuagint Marmasima, or Marmasimna): One of the sons of Haman (Est 9:9).

    Parmashta in Wikipedia Parmashta, a yearling bull

    Parmashta Scripture - Esther 9:9 And Parmashta, and Arisai, and Aridai, and Vajezatha,