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    Oren in Easton's Bible Dictionary ash or pine, the son of Jerahmeel (1 Chr. 2:25).

    Oren in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1 Chronicles 2:25.

    Oren in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Jerahmeel 1Ch 2:25

    Oren in Smiths Bible Dictionary (pine tree), one of the sons of Jerahmeel, the first-born of Hezron. 1Ch 2:25

    Oren in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE o'-ren ('oren; Aram, Alex. Aran): A son of Jerahmeel, the firstborn of Hezron (1 Ch 2:25).

    Oren in Wikipedia Oren is a Hebrew Old Testament name meaning ash or pine. The son of Jerahmeel (1 Chronicles 2:25 ).

    Oren Scripture - 1 Chronicles 2:25 And the sons of Jerahmeel the firstborn of Hezron were, Ram the firstborn, and Bunah, and Oren, and Ozem, [and] Ahijah.