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    Ohel in Easton's Bible Dictionary a house; tent, the fourth son of Zerubbabel (1 Chr. 3:20).

    Ohel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1 Chronicles 3:20.

    Ohel in Hitchcock's Bible Names tent; tabernacle; brightness

    Ohel in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Zerubabbel 1Ch 3:20

    Ohel in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE o'-hel ('ohel, "tent"): A son of Zerubbabel (1 Ch 3:20).

    Ohel in Wikipedia Ohel (Hebrew: אהל‎, "tent" or "house") is the name of the fourth son of Zerubbabel. His name is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:20 .

    Ohel Scripture - 1 Chronicles 3:20 And Hashubah, and Ohel, and Berechiah, and Hasadiah, Jushabhesed, five.