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    Nun in Easton's Bible Dictionary Beyond the fact that he was the father of Joshua nothing more is known of him (Ex. 33:11).

    Nun in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Sprung from Ephraim; father of Joshua (1 Chronicles 7:20-27).

    Nun in Hitchcock's Bible Names same as Non

    Nun in Smiths Bible Dictionary (fish, or posterity), the father of the Jewish captain Joshua. Ex 33:11 etc. His genealogical descent from Ephraim is recorded in 1Ch 7:1 ... (B.C. before 1530.)

    Nun in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE noon ("n"): The 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet; transliterated in this Encyclopedia as "n". It came also to be used for the number 50. See ALPHABET, for name, etc.

    Nun in Wikipedia Nun (pronounced /ˈnʊn/), in the Hebrew Bible, was a man from the Tribe of Ephraim, grandson of Ammihud, son of Elishama, and father of Joshua. (1 Chronicles 7:26-27 ) He grew up in and may have lived his entire life in the Israelites' Egyptian captivity, where the Egyptians "made life bitter for them with harsh labor at mortar and bricks and with all sorts of tasks in the field." (Exodus 1:14 ) In Aramaic, "nun" means "fish". Thus the Midrash tells: "[T]he son of him whose name was as the name of a fish would lead them [the Israelites] into the land." (Genesis Rabba 97:3.) Mark of Nun's grave, Timnat Serah Tradition places Nun's tomb near that of his son Joshua who, according to Joshua 24:30 , is buried in Timnat Serah. The similarly named Palestinian village of Kifl Hares/Timnat Hares, located northwest of Ariel in the Samarian region of the West Bank, now encircles both tombs.