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    Ner in Easton's Bible Dictionary light, the father of Kish (1 Chr. 8:33). 1 Sam. 14:51 should be read, "Kish, the father of Saul, and Ner, the father of Abner, were the sons of Abiel." And hence this Kish and Ner were brothers, and Saul and Abner were first cousins (comp. 1 Chr. 9:36).

    Ner in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Jehiel, father of Kish, grandfather of Saul; also father of Ner, Saul's uncle (1 Chronicles 8:33; 1 Samuel 14:50). Kish in 1 Chronicles 9:35-36, is an elder Kish, brother of Ner; or else is enumerated with Jehiel's "sons" (though really his grandson), because he was head of a house of fathers. Gibeon was the family abode. Jehiel's wife Maachah seemingly was descendant of Caleb by Ephah his concubine, and heiress of the estate in Gibea or Gibeon (1 Chronicles 2:46; 1 Chronicles 2:48-49; 1 Chronicles 8:29; 1 Chronicles 9:35; 1 Chronicles 14:16; Lord A. Hervey in Smith's Bible Dictionary).

    Ner in Hitchcock's Bible Names a lamp; new-tilled land

    Ner in Naves Topical Bible -Father of Abner 1Sa 14:50 -Father of Kish 1Ch 8:33; 9:39

    Ner in Smiths Bible Dictionary (a light or lamp), son of Jehiel, according to 1Ch 8:33 father of Abner, and grandfather of King Saul. (B.C. 1140.) Abner was, therefore, uncle to Saul, as is expressly stated in 1Sa 14:50

    Ner in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ner (ner, "lamp"): Father of Abner (1 Sam 14:50 f; 26:5,14, etc.); grandfather of Saul (1 Ch 8:33). Other references, though adding no further information are 2 Sam 2:8,12; 3:23,25; 28:37; 1 Ki 2:5,32, etc.