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    Merib-baal in Easton's Bible Dictionary contender with Baal, (1 Chr. 8:34; 9:40), elsewhere called Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 4:4), the son of Jonathan.

    Merib-baal in Naves Topical Bible - See MEPHIBOSHETH

    Merib-baal in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE mer-ib-ba'-al (meribhba`al; also meri-bha`al, "Baal contends"): The spelling varies in a single verse; 1 Ch 9:40 contains the name twice: first, in the first form above; second, in the second form. The name is given also in 1 Ch 8:34. It is the other name of MEPHIBOSHETH (2) (which see). In Jer 11:13 and Hos 9:10 the terms "Baal" and "Bosheth" seem to stand in apposition, the latter form being a slightly contemptuous alternative rendered "shame." This is akin to other like changes, such as Esh-baal for Ish-bosheth, Jerub- besheth for Jerub-baal, etc. The change in the first part of the name could occur through a clerical confusion of the Hebrew aspirate pe (p) and resh (r) in Hebrew. Henry Wallace

    Merib-baal in Wikipedia Meaning "Contender with Baal," (Ch1 8:34 ),(Ch1 9:40 ), elsewhere called Mephibosheth (Sa2 4:4 ), the son of Jonathan.

    Meribba-a in Smiths Bible Dictionary (contender against Baal). 1Ch 8:34; 9:40 [See MEPHIBOSHETH].

    Meribbaal in Hitchcock's Bible Names he that resists Baal; rebellion

    Meribbaal Scripture - 1 Chronicles 8:34 And the son of Jonathan [was] Meribbaal; and Meribbaal begat Micah.

    Meribbaal Scripture - 1 Chronicles 9:40 And the son of Jonathan [was] Meribbaal: and Meribbaal begat Micah.