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    Mahalaleel in Easton's Bible Dictionary praise of God. (1.) The son of Cainan, of the line of Seth (Gen. 5:12-17); called Maleleel (Luke 3:37). (2.) Neh. 11:4, a descendant of Perez.

    Mahalaleel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1. Fourth from Adam in Seth's line, Cainan's son ("the praise of God".) 2. Nehemiah 11:4.

    Mahalaleel in Hitchcock's Bible Names praising God

    Mahalaleel in Smiths Bible Dictionary (praise of God). 1. The fourth in descent from Adam, according to the Sethite genealogy, and son of Cainan. Ge 6:12,13,15-17; 1Ch 1:2; Lu 3:37 Revised Version. 2. A descendant of Perez or Pharez the son of Judah. Ne 11:4

    Mahalalel in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ma-ha'-la-lel (mahalal'el; the King James Version Mahalaleel, ma-ha'la-le-el, ma-hal'a-lel): (1) Son of Cainan, the grandson of Seth (Gen 5:12 ff; 1 Ch 1:2). (2) The ancestor of Athaiah, one of the children of Judah who dwelt in Jerusalem after the return from exile (Neh 11:4).

    Mahaleleel in Naves Topical Bible -1. Also called MALELEEL Son of Cainan Ge 5:12-17; 1Ch 1:2; Lu 3:37 -2. A man of Judah Ne 11:4