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Bible Names H-M: Libni

Libni in Easton's Bible Dictionary white, one of the two sons of Gershon, the son of Levi (Ex. 6:17; Num. 3:18, 21). (See LAADAN -(n/a).)

Libni in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1. Whence sprang LIBNITES (Exodus 6:17; Numbers 3:18; 1 Chronicles 6:17; 1 Chronicles 6:20). 2. 1 Chronicles 6:29.

Libni in Hitchcock's Bible Names same as Libnah

Libni in Naves Topical Bible -1. Son of Gershon Ex 6:17; Nu 3:18; 1Ch 6:17,20 Descendants called LIBNITES Nu 3:21; 26:58 -2. Grandson of Merari 1Ch 6:29

Libni in Smiths Bible Dictionary (white). 1. The eldest son of Gershon the son of Levi, Ex 6:17; Nu 3:18; 1Ch 6:17,20 and ancestor of the family of the Libnites. (B.C. after 1700.) 2. The son of Mahli or Mahali, son of Merari, 1Ch 6:29 as the text at present stands. It is probable, however, that he is the same with the preceding, and that something has been omitted. Comp. ver. 1Ch 6:29 with 1Chr 6:20,42

Libni in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE lib'-ni (libhni): (1) Son of Gershon (Ex 6:17; Nu 3:18; 1 Ch 6:17,20). Families who traced their descent from Libni are called Libnites (Nu 3:21; 26:58). (2) A son of Merari (1 Ch 6:29). See LADAN.

Libni in Wikipedia Libni was a son of Gershon of the house of Levi according to Exodus 6:17. He was born in Egypt.

Libni Scripture - 1 Chronicles 6:29 The sons of Merari; Mahli, Libni his son, Shimei his son, Uzza his son,

Libni Scripture - Exodus 6:17 The sons of Gershon; Libni, and Shimi, according to their families.

Libni Scripture - Numbers 3:18 And these [are] the names of the sons of Gershon by their families; Libni, and Shimei.

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