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Bible Names H-M : Kedemah

Kedemah in Easton's Bible Dictionary eastward, the last-named of the sons of Ishmael (Gen. 25:15).

Kedemah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("eastward".) Youngest of Ishmael's sons (Genesis 25:15).

Kedemah in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Ishmael Ge 25:15; 1Ch 1:31

Kedemah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (eastward), the youngest of the sons of Ishmael. Ge 25:15; 1Ch 1:31

Kedemah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ked'-e-ma, ke-de'-ma (qedhemah, "eastward"): Son of Ishmael (Gen 25:16), head of a clan (1 Ch 1:31). See KADMONITE.

Kedemah Scripture - 1 Chronicles 1:31 Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah. These are the sons of Ishmael.

Kedemah Scripture - Genesis 25:15 Hadar, and Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah: