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    Jozabad in Easton's Bible Dictionary whom Jehovah bestows. (1.) One of the Benjamite archers who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:4). (2.) A chief of the tribe of Manasseh (1 Chr. 12:20).

    Jozabad in Hitchcock's Bible Names same as Josabad

    Jozabad in Naves Topical Bible -1. Two men of Manasseh 1Ch 12:20 -2. Two Levites 2Ch 31:13; 35:9 -3. Son of Jeshua Ezr 8:33 -4. A priest Ezr 10:22 -5. Three Levites Ezr 10:23; Ne 8:7; 11:16 -6. One of David's famous warriors 1Ch 12:4

    Jozabad in Smiths Bible Dictionary (Jehovah justifies). 1. A captain of the thousands of Manasseh, who deserted to David before the battle of Gilboa. 1Ch 12:20 (B.C. 1053.) 2. A hero of Manasseh, like the preceding. 1Ch 12:20 3. A Levite in the reign of Hezekiah. 2Ch 31:13 (B.C. 726.) 4. A chief Levite in the reign of Josiah. 2Ch 35:9 5. A Levite, son of Jeshua, in the days of Ezra. Ezr 8:33 (B.C. 459.) Probably identical with No. 7. 6. A priest of the sons of Pashur, who had married a foreign wife. Ezr 10:22 7. A Levite among those who returned with Ezra and had married foreign wives. He is probably identical with Jozabad the Levite, Ne 8:7 and with Jozabad who presided over the outer work of the temple. Ne 11:16 (B.C. 459.)

    Jozabad in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE joz'-a-bad (yozabhadh, "Yahweh has bestowed"): (1) A Gederathite, and one of David's recruits at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:4 (Hebrew 5)). He is named with the Benjamites, but possibly he was a native of the town Gedara in Southern Judah. See Curtis, Chronicles, 196. (2), (3) Two Manassite captains who joined David at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:20 (Hebrew 21)). (4) A Levite overseer in Hezekiah's time (2 Ch 31:13); may be the ancestor of the chief of the priests in 2 Ch 35:9 = "Joram" of 1 Esdras 1:9. (5) A Levite (Ezr 8:33), mentioned again probably in Ezr 10:23; Neh 8:7; 11:16. The name in 1 Esdras 8:63 ( = Ezr 8:33) is "Josabdus" (the King James Version "Josabad"). (6) A priest who had married a foreign wife Ezr 10:22) = "Ocidelus" of 1 Esdras 9:22.

    Jozabad Scripture - 2 Chronicles 31:13 And Jehiel, and Azaziah, and Nahath, and Asahel, and Jerimoth, and Jozabad, and Eliel, and Ismachiah, and Mahath, and Benaiah, [were] overseers under the hand of Cononiah and Shimei his brother, at the commandment of Hezekiah the king, and Azariah the ruler of the house of God.

    Jozabad Scripture - 2 Chronicles 35:9 Conaniah also, and Shemaiah and Nethaneel, his brethren, and Hashabiah and Jeiel and Jozabad, chief of the Levites, gave unto the Levites for passover offerings five thousand [small cattle], and five hundred oxen.

    Jozabad Scripture - Nehemiah 8:7 Also Jeshua, and Bani, and Sherebiah, Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodijah, Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad, Hanan, Pelaiah, and the Levites, caused the people to understand the law: and the people [stood] in their place.