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    Jokim in Easton's Bible Dictionary whom Jehovah has set up, one of the descendants of Shelah (1 Chr. 4:22).

    Jokim in Hitchcock's Bible Names that made the sun stand still

    Jokim in Naves Topical Bible -A descendant of Shelah 1Ch 4:22

    Jokim in Smiths Bible Dictionary (whom Jehovah has set up), one of the sons of Shelah the son of Judah. 1Ch 4:22

    Jokim in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE jo'-kim (yoqim, "Yahweh raises up"; compare JEHOIAKIM; JOIAKIM): A Judahite, descendant of Shelah (1 Ch 4:22).

    Jokim Scripture - 1 Chronicles 4:22 And Jokim, and the men of Chozeba, and Joash, and Saraph, who had the dominion in Moab, and Jashubilehem. And [these are] ancient things.