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    Joiada in Easton's Bible Dictionary (whom Jehovah favours) = Jehoiada. (1.) Neh. 3:6. (2.) One of the high priests (12:10, 11, 22).

    Joiada in Naves Topical Bible -Son and successor of Eliashib in the high priesthood Ne 12:10,11,22; 13:28

    Joiada in Smiths Bible Dictionary (whom Jehovah favors), high priest after his father Eliashib. Ne 13:28 (B.C. after 446.)

    Joiada in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE joi'-a-da (yoyadha`, "Yahweh knows"; compare JEHOIADA): (1) A repairer of the Jerusalem walls (Neh 3:6); the King James Version "Jehoiada." (2) Son of Eliashib the high priest (Neh 12:10,11,22; 13:28).

    Joiada in Wikipedia Joiada, which means "Yahu knows," is a name found from the form "Jehoidada" in the Old Testament and used alternately in English versions (Neh 13:28; Neh 3:6 KJV). Joiada is the fourth high priest after the Babylonian Exile and his name is only found in the lists of Neh 12:10-11, 22 and in Neh 13:28. Most historians describe Joiada as the son of Eliashib, ca. 433-410 BCE. However, it is also believed that Joiada may be the grandson of Eliashib because there is some confusion within the chronologies of the high priests. The word "son" may refer to a father-son relationship, but alternatively refers to a grandson or brother. The only information given about Joiada is that his son married the daughter of Sanballat the Horonite for which he was driven out of the Temple by Nehemiah (Neh 13:28). This is interesting because the books of Ezra and Nehemiah contain severe instructions against marrying foreign women. These foreign marriages led to tension between the Jewish governor and the high-priestly family.

    Joiada Scripture - Nehemiah 12:10 And Jeshua begat Joiakim, Joiakim also begat Eliashib, and Eliashib begat Joiada,

    Joiada Scripture - Nehemiah 12:11 And Joiada begat Jonathan, and Jonathan begat Jaddua.

    Joiada Scripture - Nehemiah 12:22 The Levites in the days of Eliashib, Joiada, and Johanan, and Jaddua, [were] recorded chief of the fathers: also the priests, to the reign of Darius the Persian.