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    Joezer in Easton's Bible Dictionary Jehovah is his help, one of the Korhites who became part of David's body-guard (1 Chr. 12:6).

    Joezer in Hitchcock's Bible Names he that aids

    Joezer in Naves Topical Bible -A Korhite, who joined David at Ziklag 1Ch 12:6

    Joezer in Smiths Bible Dictionary (whose help is Jehovah), a Korhite, one of David's captains. 1Ch 12:6 (B.C. 1155.)

    Joezer in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE jo-e'-zer (yo`ezer, "Yahweh is help"): One of David's Benjamite recruits at Ziklag, though perhaps a Judean (1 Ch 12:6 (Hebrew 7)).

    Joezer Scripture - 1 Chronicles 12:6 Elkanah, and Jesiah, and Azareel, and Joezer, and Jashobeam, the Korhites,