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    September 28    Scripture

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    Jeziel in Easton's Bible Dictionary assembled by God, a son of Azmaveth. He was one of the Benjamite archers who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:3).

    Jeziel in Naves Topical Bible -A disaffected Israelite who joined David at Ziklag 1Ch 12:3

    Jeziel in Smiths Bible Dictionary (the assembly of God), a Benjamite who joined David at Ziklag. 1Ch 12:3 (B.C. 1055.)

    Jeziel in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE je'-zi-el, je-zi'-el (Kethibh is yezu'el, or yezo'el; Qere yezi'el = "God gathers," perhaps): One of David's Benjamite recruits at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:3).

    Jeziel Scripture - 1 Chronicles 12:3 The chief [was] Ahiezer, then Joash, the sons of Shemaah the Gibeathite; and Jeziel, and Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth; and Berachah, and Jehu the Antothite,