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    Jetheth in Easton's Bible Dictionary a peg, or a prince, one of the Edomitish kings of Mount Seir (Gen. 36:40).

    Jetheth in Hitchcock's Bible Names giving

    Jetheth in Naves Topical Bible -A duke of Esau Ge 36:40; 1Ch 1:51

    Jetheth in Smiths Bible Dictionary (a nail), one of the "dukes" who came of Esau. Ge 36:40; 1Ch 1:51

    Jetheth in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE je'-theth (yetheth, meaning unknown): a chief (or clan) of Edom (Gen 36:40 parallel 1 Ch 1:51), but probably a mistake for "Jether" = "Ithran" (Gen 36:26).

    Jetheth in Wikipedia Jetheth was the name of an Edomite clan (possibly the name of an eponymous chieftain) mentioned in Genesis 36:31-43.

    Jetheth Scripture - 1 Chronicles 1:51 Hadad died also. And the dukes of Edom were; duke Timnah, duke Aliah, duke Jetheth,

    Jetheth Scripture - Genesis 36:40 And these [are] the names of the dukes [that came] of Esau, according to their families, after their places, by their names; duke Timnah, duke Alvah, duke Jetheth,