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Bible Names H-M: Jeshebeab

Jeshebeab in Easton's Bible Dictionary seat of his father, the head of the fourteenth division of priests (1 Chr. 24:13).

Jeshebeab in Hitchcock's Bible Names sitting

Jeshebeab in Naves Topical Bible -A priest, and head of the fourteenth shift 1Ch 24:13

Jeshebeab in Smiths Bible Dictionary (father's seat), head of the fourteenth course of priests. 1Ch 24:13 [JEHOIARIB]

Jeshebeab in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE je-sheb'-e-ab (yeshebh'abh, meaning uncertain): A Levite of the 14th course (1 Ch 24:13). Kittel and Gray (HPN, 24) read with Septuagint, A, "Ishbaal"; the name is omitted in Septuagint (Codex Vaticanus) and the change in Massoretic Text as well as the omission in Septuagint may be due to the word ba`al forming part of the name. Compare JERUBBESHETH.

Jeshebeab Scripture - 1 Chronicles 24:13 The thirteenth to Huppah, the fourteenth to Jeshebeab,

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