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Bible Names H-M: Jesharelah

Jesharelah in Easton's Bible Dictionary upright towards God, the head of the seventh division of Levitical musicians (1 Chr. 25:14).

Jesharelah in Naves Topical Bible -A Levite, choral leader 1Ch 25:14

Jesharelah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (right before God), son of Asaph, and head of the seventh of the twenty-four wards into which the musicians of the Levites were divided. 1Ch 25:14 [ASARELAH] (B.C. 1014).

Jesharelah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE jesh-a-re'-la (yesar'elah, meaning doubtful): One of the (or probably a family of) Levitical musicians (1 Ch 25:14), called "Asharelah" in verse 2. The names should be written "Asarelah" and "Jesarelah."

Jesharelah Scripture - 1 Chronicles 25:14 The seventh to Jesharelah, [he], his sons, and his brethren, [were] twelve:

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