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    Jedidiah in Easton's Bible Dictionary beloved by Jehovah, the name which, by the mouth of Nathan, the Lord gave to Solomon at his birth as a token of the divine favour (2 Sam. 12:25).

    Jedidiah in Hitchcock's Bible Names beloved of the Lord

    Jedidiah in Naves Topical Bible -A name given to Solomon 2Sa 12:25

    Jedidiah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (beloved of Jehovah), Jedid-jah (darling of Jehovah), the name bestowed, through Nathan the prophet, on David's son Solomon. 2Sa 12:25

    Jedidiah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE jed-i-di'-a (yedhidh-yah, "the beloved of Yah"): The name conferred by God through Nathan upon Solomon at his birth (2 Sam 12:25).

    Jedidiah in Wikipedia Solomon (Hebrew: שְׁלֹמֹה, Modern Shlomo Tiberian Šəlōmō, Turkish: Süleyman; Arabic: سليمان‎ Sulaymān; Greek: Σολομών Solomōn; Latin: Salomon) was, according to the Hebrew Bible, a King of Israel. The biblical accounts identify Solomon as the son of David.[1] He is also called Jedidiah in 2 Samuel 12:25, and is described as the third king of the United Monarchy, and the final king before the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah split; following the split his patrilineal descendants ruled over Judah alone. The Hebrew Bible credits Solomon as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem,[1] and portrays him as great in wisdom, wealth, and power, but ultimately as a king whose sin, including idolatry and turning away from God, leads to the kingdom being torn in two during the reign of his son Rehoboam.[2] Solomon is the subject of many other later references and legends...

    Jedidiah Scripture - 2 Samuel 12:25 And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet; and he called his name Jedidiah, because of the LORD.