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Bible Names H-M: Izrahite

Izrahite in Easton's Bible Dictionary the designation of one of David's officers (1 Chr. 27:8).

Izrahite in Smiths Bible Dictionary (descendant of Zerah), The, the designation of Shamhuth 1Ch 27:8 Its real force probably Zerahite, that is, from the great Judaic family of Zerah.

Izrahite in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE iz'-ra-hit (yizrach, "rising, shining"): Shamhuth, the captain of the 5th monthly course (1 Ch 27:8), is called an "Izrahite." The name may be derived from the town or family of Izrah, but more likely is a corruption of the word "Zerahite," descendant of Zerah of Judah.

Izrahite Scripture - 1 Chronicles 27:8 The fifth captain for the fifth month [was] Shamhuth the Izrahite: and in his course [were] twenty and four thousand.

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