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Bible Names H-M : Herodion

Herodion in Easton's Bible Dictionary a Christian at Rome whom Paul salutes and calls his "kinsman" (Rom. 16:11).

Herodion in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Romans 16:11. Whom Paul sends greetings to, calling him "my kinsman."

Herodion in Hitchcock's Bible Names the song of Juno

Herodion in Naves Topical Bible -A Roman Christian Ro 16:11

Herodion in Smiths Bible Dictionary a relative of St. Paul, to whom he sends his salutation amongst the Christians of the Roman church. Ro 16:11 (A.D. 55.)

Herodion in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE he-ro'-di-on (Herodion; Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek Hrodion): A Roman Christian to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:11). The name seems to imply that he was a freedman of the Herods, or a member of the household of Aristobulus, the grandson of Herod the Great (Rom 16:10). Paul calls him "my kinsman," i.e. "a Jew" (see JUNIAS, 1).

Herodion in Wikipedia Herodium or Herodion (from Ancient Greek: Ἡρώδειον; Hebrew: הרודיון‎, Arabic: هيروديون‎, Jabal al-Fraidees) is a volcano- like hill with a truncated cone located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south of Jerusalem, and it is part of Gush Etzion Regional Council. Herod the Great built a fortress and palace on the top of Herodium, and may have been buried there. Herodium is 758 meters (2,487 ft) above sea level...

Herodion Scripture - Romans 16:11 Salute Herodion my kinsman. Greet them that be of the [household] of Narcissus, which are in the Lord.