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    Heman in Easton's Bible Dictionary faithful. (1.) 1 Kings 4:31; 1 Chr. 2:6, a son of Zerah, noted for his wisdom. (2.) Grandson of Samuel (1 Chr. 6:33; 15:17), to whom the 88th Psalm probably was inscribed. He was one of the "seers" named in 2 Chr. 29:14, 30, and took a leading part in the administration of the sacred services.

    Heman in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1. 1 Chronicles 2:6; 1 Kings 4:31. Probably the same as 2; though a Levite by birth he was reckoned in the family of Zerah, of Judah, as dwelling among them. 2. Grandson of Samuel; a Kohathite (1 Chronicles 6:31-38; 1 Chronicles 6:44). Colleague of Asaph and Ethan or Jeduthun ("the praise man") in arranging the vocal and instrumental music of the temple service, under David "after that the ark had rest" (1 Chronicles 15:16-22; 1 Chronicles 25:1-3). (See ASAPH; ETHAN.) Lord A. Hervey makes Heman 14th in descent from Levi. Called "the king's seer in the matters (words) of God, to lift up the horn," inheriting by God's gift the spirit of prophecy of his grandfather. Heman had 14 sons and three daughters. The sons were each the head of one of the 25 wards of Levites, "instructed in the songs of the Lord." Heman the Kohathite probably, or his father, married an heiress of the house of Zerah (See ZERAH, 1), and so, though by birth son of Joel, he is legally called the Ezrahite or son of Zerah in the title of Psalm 88, as Ethan is named the author in the title of Psalm 89, and other psalms have Asaph in the title. Not that Psalm 89, was actually by Heman; it was by "sons of Korah" who attributed the authorship to Heman by way of honour (Hengstenberg).

    Heman in Hitchcock's Bible Names their trouble; tumult; much; in great number

    Heman in Naves Topical Bible -1. A man noted for wisdom, to whom Solomon is compared 1Ki 4:31; 1Ch 2:6 -2. "The singer," a chief Levite, and musician 1Ch 6:33; 15:17,19; 16:41 The king's seer 1Ch 25:5 His sons and daughters temple musicians 1Ch 6:33; 25:1-6 "Maschil of," title of Ps 88

    Heman in Smiths Bible Dictionary (faithful) 1. Son of Zerah. 1Ch 2:6; 1Ki 4:31 2. Son of Joel and grandson of Samuel the prophet, a Kohathite. He is called "the singer," rather the musician, 1Ch 6:33 and was the first of the three Levites to whom was committed the vocal and instrumental music of the temple service in the reign of David. 1Ch 15:16-22 The 88th Psalm is ascribed to him. (B.C. 1014.)

    Heman in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE he'-man (heman, "faithful"): The name of two men in the Old Testament. (1) A musician and seer, a Levite, son of Joel and grandson of the prophet Samuel; of the family of the Kohathites (1 Ch 6:33), appointed by David as one of the leaders of the temple- singing (1 Ch 15:17; 2 Ch 5:12). He had 14 sons (and 3 daughters) who assisted their father in the chorus. Heman seems also to have been a man of spiritual power; is called "the king's seer in matters of God" (1 Ch 25:5; 2 Ch 35:15). (2) One of the noted wise men prior to, or about, the time of Solomon. He was one of the three sons of Mahol (1 Ki 4:31 (Hebrew 5:11)); also called a son of Zerah (1 Ch 2:6). Ps 88 is inscribed to Heman the Ezrahite, who is probably to be identified with the second son of Zerah. Edward Babgy Pollard

    Heman in Wikipedia The name 'Heman' is a Jewish name, meaning 'Faithful'. It is found sixteen times in the New International Version of the Bible.[1] The title of Psalm 88 ascribes it to a certain Heman. This Psalm seems to have been written in a state of despair. According to Martin Marty, a professor of church history at the University of Chicago, Psalm 88 is "a wintry landscape of unrelieved bleakness." Psalm 88 ends by saying: You have taken my companions and loved ones from me; the darkness is my closest friend. (Psalm 88:18, NIV). Indeed, in Hebrew, the last word of the Psalm 88 is "darkness".

    Heman Scripture - 1 Chronicles 25:1 Moreover David and the captains of the host separated to the service of the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps, with psalteries, and with cymbals: and the number of the workmen according to their service was:

    Heman Scripture - 2 Chronicles 35:15 And the singers the sons of Asaph [were] in their place, according to the commandment of David, and Asaph, and Heman, and Jeduthun the king's seer; and the porters [waited] at every gate; they might not depart from their service; for their brethren the Levites prepared for them.

    Heman Scripture - 2 Chronicles 5:12 Also the Levites [which were] the singers, all of them of Asaph, of Heman, of Jeduthun, with their sons and their brethren, [being] arrayed in white linen, having cymbals and psalteries and harps, stood at the east end of the altar, and with them an hundred and twenty priests sounding with trumpets:)