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    Hadadezer in Easton's Bible Dictionary Hadad is help; called also Hadarezer, Adod is his help, the king of Zobah. Hanun, the king of the Ammonites, hired among others the army of Hadadezer to assist him in his war against David. Joab, who was sent against this confederate host, found them in double battle array, the Ammonities toward their capital of Rabbah, and the Syrian mercenaries near Medeba. In the battle which was fought the Syrians were scattered, and the Ammonites in alarm fled into their capital. After this Hadadezer went north "to recover his border" (2 Sam. 8:3, A.V.); but rather, as the Revised Version renders, "to recover his dominion", i.e., to recruit his forces. Then followed another battle with the Syrian army thus recruited, which resulted in its being totally routed at Helam (2 Sam. 10:17). Shobach, the leader of the Syrian army, died on the field of battle. The Syrians of Damascus, who had come to help Hadadezer, were also routed, and Damascus was made tributary to David. All the spoils taken in this war, "shields of gold" and "very much brass," from which afterwards the "brasen sea, and the pillars, and the vessels of brass" for the temple were made (1 Chr. 18:8), were brought to Jerusalem and dedicated to Jehovah. Thus the power of the Ammonites and the Syrians was finally broken, and David's empire extended to the Euphrates (2 Sam. 10:15-19; 1 Chr. 19:15-19).

    Hadadezer in Fausset's Bible Dictionary (See HADAREZER.)

    Hadadezer in Hitchcock's Bible Names beauty of assistance

    Hadadezer in Naves Topical Bible -Also called HADAREZER -King of Zobah, vanquished by David 2Sa 8:3-13; 10:15-19; 1Ki 11:23; 1Ch 18:3-10; 19:6-19

    Hadadezer in Smiths Bible Dictionary 2Sa 8:3-12; 1Ki 11:23. [HADAREZER]

    Hadadezer in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE had-ad-e'-zer (hadhadh`ezer; so 2 Sam 8; 1 Ki 11:23, but hadhar`ezer, 2 Sam 10; 1 Ch 18): Mentioned in connection with David's wars of conquest (2 Sam 8:3 ff; 2 Sam 10:1-19; 1 Ch 18:3 ff); was king of Zobah in Syria. The exact position and size of this Syrian principality are uncertain, but it seems to have extended in David's time southward toward Ammon and eastward to the Euphrates. When the Ammonites had put themselves in the wrong with David by the insult done to his ambassadors (2 Sam 10:1-5) they summoned to their aid against the incensed king of Israel the Syrians of various adjoining principalities, among them the Syrians of Zobah under Hadadezer, the son of Rehob. The strategy of Joab, who set the force under command of Abishai his brother in array against the Ammonites, and himself attacked the Syrian allies, won for Israel a decisive victory. Not content with this result, Hadadezer gathered together another Syrian force, summoning this time also "the Syrians that were beyond the River" (2 Sam 10:16), with Shobach the captain of his host at their head. On this occasion David himself took command of the Israelite forces and again defeated them near Helam, Shobach being left dead on the field. Hadadezer and his Syrian vassals, finding resistance hopeless, "made peace with Israel and served them" (2 Sam 10:19). For the name Hadador Hadarezer, see BENHADAD.

    Hadadezer in Wikipedia ("Hadad is my help"); also known as Adad-Idri (Assyr.) and possibly the same as Bar-Hadad II (Aram.); Ben-Hadad II (Heb.), was the king of Aram Damascus at the time of the battle of Qarqar against the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III in 853 BCE. He and Irhuleni of Hamath led a coalition of eleven kings (listed as twelve) at Qarqar (including Ahab of Israel). He fought Shalmaneser six other times, twice more with the aid of Irhuleni and possibly the rest of the coalition that fought at Qarqar. He is mentioned in the inscriptions on the Tel Dan Stele; he seems most likely to be the unknown author's father. He was succeeded by Hazael after he was suffocated in the night by him. Some accounts claim that Hazael was in fact his son.

    Hadadezer in Wikipedia Hadadezer ("Hadad helps") the son of Rehob (Heb. Hadadezer ben Rehob; Aram. Hadadezer bar Rehob) was king of the Aramaean kingdom of Zobah during the early tenth century BCE. According to II Samuel, Hadadezer allied with the Ammonites against King David of Israel but was defeated. Hadadezer's kingdom may have dominated the Aramaean states; after his defeat Damascus began its rise to prominence and states like Hamath sent grateful missives to David.

    Hadadezer Scripture - 2 Samuel 8:12 Of Syria, and of Moab, and of the children of Ammon, and of the Philistines, and of Amalek, and of the spoil of Hadadezer, son of Rehob, king of Zobah.

    Hadadezer Scripture - 2 Samuel 8:3 David smote also Hadadezer, the son of Rehob, king of Zobah, as he went to recover his border at the river Euphrates.

    Hadadezer Scripture - 2 Samuel 8:5 And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men.