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    Adoniram in Easton's Bible Dictionary (Adoram, 1 Kings 12:18), the son of Abda, was "over the tribute," i.e., the levy or forced labour. He was stoned to death by the people of Israel (1 Kings 4:6; 5:14)

    Adoniram in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Abda; over the tribute for about 47 years under David, Solomon, and Rehoboam; also over Solomon's levy of 30,000 sent by ten thousands monthly to cut timber in Lebanon (1 Kings 4:6). Contracted into ADORAM (2 Samuel 20:24) and HADORAM. Stoned by the people of Israel when sent by Rehoboam to collect the tribute which had been their chief ground of complaint against the king (1 Kings 12:18; 2 Chronicles 10:18).

    Adoniram in Hitchcock's Bible Names my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation

    Adoniram in Naves Topical Bible Also called ADORAM, a tax gatherer 2Sa 20:24; 1Ki 4:6; 5:14; 12:18

    Adoniram in Smiths Bible Dictionary (lord of heights), 1Ki 4:6 by an unusual contraction ADORAM, 2Sa 20:24 and 1Kin 12:18 also HADORAM, 2Ch 10:18 chief receiver of the tribute during the reigns of David, 2Sa 20:24 Solomon, 1Ki 4:6 and Rehoboam. 1Ki 12:18 This last monarch sent him to collect the tribute from the rebellious Israelites, by whom he was stoned to death, (B.C. 1014-973.)

    Adoniram in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ad-o-ni'-ram ('adhoniram, "my lord is exalted"): An official of Solomon (1 Ki 4:6; 5:14). Near the close of the reign of David, and at the opening of the reign of Rehoboam, the same office was held by Adoram (2 Sam 20:24; 1 Ki 12:18). The name Adoram seems to be a contraction of Adoniram, and doubtless the same person held the office in all the three reigns. The name also appears as Hadoram (2 Ch 10:18). In the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) the office is variantly described as "over the tribute," which is misleading, and "over the levy," which is correct, though obscure. In the American Standard Revised Version it is uniformly "over the men subject to taskwork." Adoniram was at the head of the department of forced labor for the government. The record is to the effect that peoples conquered by Israel, except the Canaanites, were to be spared, subject to the obligation to forced labor on the public works (Dt 20:11); that this law was actually extended to the Canaanites (Josh 16:10; 17:13; Jdg 1:28 ff); that David, in his preparations for the temple, organized and handed over to Solomon a service of forced labor (1 Ch 22:2,15, etc.); that under Solomon this service was elaborately maintained (1 Ki 5:13 ff; 9:15 ff; 2 Ch 8:7 ff). It was not for the temple only, but for all Solomon's numerous building enterprises. In theory men of Israelite blood were free from this burden, but practically they found it a burden and a grievance. At the accession of Rehoboam they protested against it (1 Ki 12; 2 Ch 10). Nothing in the account is more indicative of Rehoboam's utter lack of good judgment than his sending his veteran superintendent of the forced labor department to confer with the people. The murder of Adoniram, and the ignominious flight of Rehoboam, were natural consequences.

    Adoniram in Wikipedia (pronounced /ędəˈnaɪrəm/, rhyming with Hiram[1]) (1 Kings 4:6; 5:14; Hebrew, אדונירם, 'my Lord has exalted'; alternate form Adoram, 'the Lord has exalted'[2]), the son of Abda, was the tax collector In the United Kingdom of Israel for over forty years, from the late years of King David's reign (2 Samuel 20:24) until the reign of Rehoboam. In the language of the Tanakh, he was "over the tribute," i.e., the levy or forced labor. He was stoned to death by the people of Israel when Rehoboam sent him in an attempt to collect taxes (1 Kings 12:18). Adoniram appears in Masonic rituals. He was in charge of conscripted timber cutters during the building of King Solomon's temple. I Kings 5:13,14

    Adoniram Scripture - 1 Kings 4:6 And Ahishar [was] over the household: and Adoniram the son of Abda [was] over the tribute.

    Adoniram Scripture - 1 Kings 5:14 And he sent them to Lebanon, ten thousand a month by courses: a month they were in Lebanon, [and] two months at home: and Adoniram [was] over the levy.