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    Adoni-Bezek in Wikipedia In the Book of Judges (1:4 - 7), Adoni-Bezek, (simply "lord of Bezek"), was a Canaanite king who, having subdued seventy of the chiefs that were around him, was attacked by the armies of Judah and Simeon. He was defeated...

    Adonibezek in Easton's Bible Dictionary lord of Bezek, a Canaanitish king who, having subdued seventy of the chiefs that were around him, made an attack against the armies of Judah and Simeon, but was defeated and brought as a captive to Jerusalem, where his thumbs and great toes were cut off. He confessed that God had requited him for his like cruelty to the seventy kings whom he had subdued (Judg. 1:4-7; comp. 1 Sam. 15:33).

    Adonibezek in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("Lord of Bezek", a city of Canaan.) Leading the confederated Canaanites and Perizzites, he was conquered by Judah and Simeon, who cut off his thumbs and great toes. Conscience struck, he confessed that 70 kings (petty princes) had gleaned (margin) their meat under his table, deprived of thumbs and great toes: "As I have done, so God hath requited me" (Judges 1:4-7). Brought a prisoner to Jerusalem, he died there. God pays sinners in their own coin (1 Samuel 15:33). Judah was not giving vent to his own cruelty, but executing God's lex talionis (Leviticus 24:19; Revelation 16:6; Proverbs 1:31). The barbarity of Canaanite war usage's appears in his conduct. The history shows that Canaan was then parceled out among a number of petty chiefs.

    Adonibezek in Hitchcock's Bible Names the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning

    Adonibezek in Naves Topical Bible King of Bezek Jud 1:4-7

    Adonibezek in Smiths Bible Dictionary (lord of Bezek), king of Bezek, a city of the Canaanites. [BEZEK] This chieftain was vanquished by the tribe of Judah, Jud 1:3-7 who cut off his thumbs and great toes, and brought him prisoner to Jerusalem, where he died. He confessed that he had inflicted the same cruelty upon 70 petty kings whom he had conquered. (B.C. 1425).

    Adonibezek in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE a-do-ni-be'-zek ('adhonibhezeq "lord of Bezek"): Lord of a town, Bezek, in southern Israel, whom the tribes of Judah and Simeon overthrew. Adonibezek fled when his men were defeated, but was captured, and was punished for his cruelty in cutting off the thumbs and great toes of seventy kings by a similar mutilation. Being brought to Jerusalem, he died there (Jdg 1:5-7). This not to be confused with Adonizedek, as in the Septuagint. This is quite another name.

    Adonibezek Scripture - Judges 1:5 And they found Adonibezek in Bezek: and they fought against him, and they slew the Canaanites and the Perizzites.

    Adonibezek Scripture - Judges 1:6 But Adonibezek fled; and they pursued after him, and caught him, and cut off his thumbs and his great toes.

    Adonibezek Scripture - Judges 1:7 And Adonibezek said, Threescore and ten kings, having their thumbs and their great toes cut off, gathered [their meat] under my table: as I have done, so God hath requited me. And they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died.