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    Adino in Easton's Bible Dictionary the Eznite, one of David's mighty men (2 Sam. 23:8). (See JASHOBEAM -T0001978.)

    Adino in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("his pleasure in the spear".) The Ezmte, the Tachmonite; who slew with his spear 800 at once (2 Samuel 23:8). (See JASHOBEAM.) But Luther reads, to accord with 1 Chronicles 11:11, arer for Adino; and, for ha ezni, eth hanitho, i.e., not a proper name but "Jashobeam swung his spear"; compare 1 Chronicles 11:18. Gesenius reads ye'adno ha' ezno, "he shook it, even his spear."

    Adino in Naves Topical Bible One of David's valiant men 2Sa 23:8

    Adino in Smiths Bible Dictionary 2Sa 23:8 See JASHOBEAM.

    Adino in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ad'-i-no, a-di'-no (`adhino, "his adorned one"): The senior of David's "mighty men." "Josheb-basshebeth a Tahchemonite, chief of the captains; the same was Adino the Eznite, against eight hundred slain at one time" (2 Sam 23:8). This very exact rendering makes it evident even to an English reader that the text is imperfect. Ginsburg offers a corrected form taken substantially from the parallel passage in 1 Ch 11:11: "Jashobeam a son of a Hachmonite, chief of the captains; he lifted up his spear." This is plausible, and is very generally accepted, and eliminates the names Adino and Eznite, which do not occur elsewhere in the Bible. Some of the facts are against this. The Septuagint has the names Adino and Eznite. The Latin finds no proper names in the passage, but so translates the words as to presuppose the Hebrew text as we have it. It may be a case for suspended judgment. The texts concerning David's mighty men are fragmentary both in Samuel and in Chronicles. If they were more complete they would perhaps make it clear that the three seniors were comrades of David at Pas-dammim, Ephes-dammim (1 Ch 11:13; 1 Sam 17:1); and that we have in them additional details concerning that battle. The record says that on the death of Goliath the Philistines fled and the Israelites pursued (1 Sam 17:52 ff), but it is not improbable that during the retreat portions of the Philistine force rallied, so that there was strenuous fighting.

    Adino in Wikipedia (ad'-i-no) the Eznite, one of David's "mighty men". Also known as Joshebbasshebeth the Tachmonite, he was the chief of the three. He was later called Adino the Eznite, because of the eight hundred he killed at one time. References: 2 Samuel 23:8 Meaning: his adorned one

    Adino Scripture - 2 Samuel 23:8 These [be] the names of the mighty men whom David had: The Tachmonite that sat in the seat, chief among the captains; the same [was] Adino the Eznite: [he lift up his spear] against eight hundred, whom he slew at one time