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    Abimael in Easton's Bible Dictionary father of Mael, one of the sons or descendants of Joktan, in Northern Arabia (Gen. 10:28; 1 Chr. 1:22).

    Abimael in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Descendant of Joktan (Genesis 10:28; 1 Chronicles 1:22). The name is preserved in Mali in Arabia Aromatifera (Theophrastus).

    Abimael in Hitchcock's Bible Names a father sent from God

    Abimael in Naves Topical Bible Son of Joktan Ge 10:28; 1Ch 1:22

    Abimael in Smiths Bible Dictionary (father of Mael), a descendant of Joktan, Ge 10:28; 1Ch 1:22 and probably the progenitor of an Arab tribe (Mali).

    Abimael in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE a-bim'-a-el, ab-i-ma'-el ('abhima'el, "my father is God," or "God is father"): The ninth of the thirteen sons of Joktan, who was descendant of Shem, and son of Eber, and brother of Peleg in whose days the earth was divided (Gen 10:25-29; 1 Ch 1:19-23). Like some of the other names in this list, the name is linguistically south Arabian, and the tribes indicated are south Arabians. On the Arabic elements in Hebrew proper names see Halevy, Melanges d'epigraphie et d'archeologie semitiques; ZDMG, especially early in 1883; D. H. Muller, Epigraphie Denkmaler aus Arabien; Glaser, Skizze der Gesch. und Geog. Arabiens; and by index Hommel, Ancient Hebrew Tradition; and Gray, Hebrew Proper Names; and F. Giesebrecht, Die alttestamentliche Schatzung des Gottesnamens. Willis J. Beecher

    Abimael in Wikipedia In Genesis 10:28 , Abimael is the ninth of the 13 sons of Joktan, a descendant of Shem. He is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 1:22 . Abimael means my father is God.

    Abimael Scripture - 1 Chronicles 1:22 And Ebal, and Abimael, and Sheba,

    Abimael Scripture - Genesis 10:28 And Obal, and Abimael, and Sheba,