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    Elymas in Easton's Bible Dictionary magician or sorcerer, the Arabic name of the Jew Bar-jesus, who withstood Paul and Barnabas in Cyprus. He was miraculously struck with blindness (Acts 13:11).

    Elymas in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Arabic (alim, "wise," related to ulema) for Barjesus, the Jew sorcerer associated with Sergius Paulus. proconsul of Cyprus at Paul's visit (Acts 13:6, etc.). Struck blind for "seeking to turn away the deputy (proconsul) from the faith." As he opposed the gospel light, in significant retribution he lost the natural light. Contrast Paul's simultaneously receiving sight and the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:17). As belief in religion declined under the Roman empire, belief in eastern magic increased.

    Elymas in Hitchcock's Bible Names a magician

    Elymas in Naves Topical Bible A false prophet, punished with blindness Ac 13:8,10

    Elymas in Smiths Bible Dictionary (a wise man), the Arabic name of the Jewish magus or sorcerer Bar-jesus. Ac 13:6 ff. (A.D. 44.)

    Elymas in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE el'-i-mas (Elumas, "wise"; Acts 13:8).

    Elymas in Wikipedia is another name for Bar-Jesus (arc. Bar-Yeshua, lat. Bariesu), a Jewish magician who appears in the New Testament in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 13. [1] Acts of the Apostles calls him a magus, which the King James Bible here translates as "sorcerer". He is represented as opposing Paul of Tarsus and Barnabas on the city of Paphos on Cyprus, when Sergius Paulus, the Roman Proconsul, wishes to hear Paul and Barnabas speak about Jesus. Because of this opposition, Paul states that God has decided to make him temporarily blind. A cloud of darkness immediately begins blocking his sight;[2] and after this miracle, Sergius Paulus is converted to Christianity. These events took place during Paul's first missionary journey. Elymas means "Wise" in Arabic, while Bar-Yeshua literally means "son of Jesus" in Aramaic.

    Elymas Scripture - Acts 13:8 But Elymas the sorcerer (for so is his name by interpretation) withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.