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August 22    Scripture

Bible Names A-G: Elmodam

Elmadam in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE el-ma'-dam (WH Elmadam; Textus Receptus of the New Testament Elmodam; the King James Version Elmodam): An ancestor of Jesus, according to Luke's genealogy, in the 6th generation before Zerubbabel (Lk 3:28).

Elmodam in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ELMODAM or Almodad. Luke 3:28; Genesis 10:26.

Elmodam in Hitchcock's Bible Names the God of measure

Elmodam in Naves Topical Bible An ancestor of Jesus Lu 3:28

Elmodam in Smiths Bible Dictionary (measure), son of Er, in the genealogy of Joseph. Lu 3:28

Elmodam Scripture - Luke 3:28 Which was [the son] of Melchi, which was [the son] of Addi, which was [the son] of Cosam, which was [the son] of Elmodam, which was [the son] of Er,

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