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    Elishaphat in Easton's Bible Dictionary whom God has judged, one of the "captains of hundreds" associated with Jehoiada in the league to overthrow the usurpation of Athaliah (2 Chr. 23:1).

    Elishaphat in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Zichri, whom Jehoiada employed to assemble the Levites to Jerusalem to restore Joash to the throne (2 Chronicles 23:1).

    Elishaphat in Hitchcock's Bible Names my God judgeth

    Elishaphat in Naves Topical Bible A Jewish captain 2Ch 23:1

    Elishaphat in Smiths Bible Dictionary (whom God judges), son of Zichri; one of the captains of hundreds in the time of Jehoiada. 2Ch 23:1 (B.C. 877.)

    Elishaphat in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE e-lish'-a-fat ('elishaphat, "God is judge"): This man figures in the Levitical conspiracy against Athaliah, to make Joash king. He was one of the "captains of hundreds" employed in the enterprise by Jehoiada the priest (2 Ch 23:1).

    Elishaphat Scripture - 2 Chronicles 23:1 And in the seventh year Jehoiada strengthened himself, and took the captains of hundreds, Azariah the son of Jeroham, and Ishmael the son of Jehohanan, and Azariah the son of Obed, and Maaseiah the son of Adaiah, and Elishaphat the son of Zichri, into covenant with him.