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    Cleophas in Easton's Bible Dictionary (in the spelling of this word _h_ is inserted by mistake from Latin MSS.), rather Cleopas, which is the Greek form of the word, while Clopas is the Aramaic form. In John 19:25 the Authorized Version reads, "Mary, the wife of Clopas." The word "wife" is conjecturally inserted here. If "wife" is rightly inserted, then Mary was the mother of James the Less, and Clopas is the same as Alphaeus (Matt. 10:3; 27:56).

    Cleophas in Hitchcock's Bible Names the whole glory

    Cleophas in Naves Topical Bible Husband of one of the Marys Joh 19:25

    Cleophas in Smiths Bible Dictionary Revised Version Clo'pas, the husband of Mary the sister of Virgin Mary. Joh 19:25 He was probably dead before Jesus' ministry began, for his wife and children constantly appear with Joseph's family in the time of our Lord's ministry. -- Englishman's Cyc. [CLEOPAS; ALPHAEUS]

    Cleophas in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE kle'-o-fas.

    Cleophas in Wikipedia (or Cleophas, Greek Κλεόπας) was a figure of early Christianity, one of the two disciples who encountered Jesus during the Road to Emmaus appearance in the Gospel of Luke 24:13-32. Cleopas' name is an abbreviated form of Cleopatros, a common Hellenistic name meaning "son of a renowned father". Cleopas is remembered on 25 November in the Martyrology of the Roman Catholic Church...

    Cleophas Scripture - John 19:25 Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the [wife] of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.