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January 29    Scripture

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Bible Names A-G: Chenaiah

Chenaiah in Easton's Bible Dictionary whom Jehovah hath made. "Chief of the Levites," probably a Kohathite (1 Chr. 15:22), and therefore not the same as mentioned in 26:29.

Chenaniah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("the favor of Jehovah".) 1 Chronicles 15:22; 1 Chronicles 26:29.

Chenaniah in Hitchcock's Bible Names preparation

Chenaniah in Naves Topical Bible 1. A Levite 1Ch 15:22,27 -2. An Izharite 1Ch 26:29

Chenaniah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (established by the Lord), chief of the Levites when David carried the ark to Jerusalem. 1Ch 15:22; 26:29

Chenaniah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ken-a-ni'-a (kenanyahu, and kenanyah, literally "established by God"): Chief of the Levites who was over "the songs," or "the carrying" (namely, "of the ark") from the house of Obed- edom to Jerusalem (1 Ch 15:22,27; 26:29)

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