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Bible Names A-G: Buz

Buz in Easton's Bible Dictionary contempt. (1.) The second son of Nahor and Milcah, and brother of Huz (Gen. 22:21). Elihu was one of his descendants (Job 32:2). (2.) One of the chiefs of the tribe of Gad (1 Chr. 5:14). (3.) A district in Arabia Petrea (Jer. 25:23).

Buz in Fausset's Bible Dictionary ("contempt".) 1. Second son of Milcah and Nahor, Abraham's brother (Genesis 22:21). Kennel was the father of Aram, i.e. Syria. Elihu (Job 32:2) is called "the son of Barachal the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram" (i.e. Aram); he therefore probably was descended from Buz. The family settled in Arabia Deserta, for Jeremiah (Jeremiah 25:23), in denouncing judgments against Buz, associates the tribe with Tema and Dedan. 2. The name also occurs in Gad's genealogy (1 Chronicles 5:14).

Buz in Hitchcock's Bible Names despised; plundered

Buz in Naves Topical Bible 1. Son of Nahor Ge 22:21 -2. Father of Jahdo 1Ch 5:14

Buz in Smiths Bible Dictionary (contempt). 1. The second son of Milcah and Nahor. Ge 22:21 Elihu "the Buzite" was probably a descendant of Buz. 2. A name occurring in the genealogies of the tribe of Gad. 1Ch 5:14

Buz in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE buz, bu'-zi, buz'-it ( buz): (1) Second son of Nahor (Gen 22:21). The word occurs again in Jer 25:23, by the side of Dedan (Gen 10:7) and Tema (Gen 25:15), and is probably, therefore, the name of a people living in the neighborhood of Edom. Buz and Hazo (Gen 22:22) are probably the countries of Bazu and Chazu (the former described as full of snakes and scorpions), which Esarhaddon invaded (KB, II, 131). (2) A Gadite (1 Ch 5:14) (buzi), "an inhabitant of Buz"), a title given to Elihu, the fourth speaker in the Book of Job (Job 32:2).

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