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    Birsha in Easton's Bible Dictionary son of wickedness, a king of Gomorrah whom Abraham succoured in the invasion of Chedorlaomer (Gen. 14:2).

    Birsha in Fausset's Bible Dictionary King of Gomorrah, at Chedorlaomer's invasion (Genesis 14:2).

    Birsha in Hitchcock's Bible Names an evil; a son who beholds

    Birsha in Naves Topical Bible A king of Gomorrah Ge 14:2-10

    Birsha in Smiths Bible Dictionary (son of godlessness), a king of Gomorrah. Ge 14:2

    Birsha in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE bur'-sha (birsha`): King of Gomorrah (Gen 14:2), who joined the league against Chedorlaomer. The name is probably corrupt; some have tried to explain it as beresha`, "with wickedness," a name purposely used by the writer in referring to this king.

    Birsha Scripture - Genesis 14:2 [That these] made war with Bera king of Sodom, and with Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, and Shemeber king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela, which is Zoar.